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Superstrong Labs specializes in x ops needs — supporting CX/CS/Success, sales, marketing, product, and more.

Superstrong Labs is led by Robbie Mitchell, a seasoned marketing leader and business ops hacker with a track record of success managing technical projects. Robbie runs operations at, and previously led marketing at Cover (acquired) and Knewton (Series F). You can read more about his experience in one of the very first First Round Review profiles and on LinkedIn.

Clients get hands-on help addressing a range of thorny challenges, including data connections, processing, automation, analysis and reporting — all to support reduced manual effort, scaled operations, cross-team communication, improved analysis, and better reporting.

A short list of common needs.

Example services:

  • General synthesis, diagnosis, prioritization, and scoping
  • Analytics implementation and reporting
  • CRM, workflow automation, and notifications
  • Conversion optimization

Common tools:

  • Segment
  • Zapier
  • Internal messaging (e.g., Slack)
  • Email platforms (marketing, product, and transactional)
  • Webhooks
  • RESTful services + JSON
  • Lightweight Javascript and Python
  • Database I/O

Common ways of structuring work.


On-demand consulting is available rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.

Hourly billing is rare. Rates are discounted for reserved instances and projects (see below).

Reserved Time

Most engagements, regardless of scope, end up being structured as reserved time equivalent to one or two full days per week.

This is for when you have a clear project and/or consistently need work done. You'll get a discounted rate and guaranteed availability. This generally involves digging in to your objectives and time frame, then working backward to estimate the level of recurring effort required.

Reserved time is billed monthly up front. Once engaged, work tends to be organized into weekly objectives.

Groups (e.g., VC portfolios, incubators) can also reserve time with a master agreement and delegate it to companies based on need.


If you have a specific project in mind, or want to create one together to meet a stretch goal, let's talk about how I can help.

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